My Novels



Foundation of Evil is a historical suspense novel available in ebook at kindle.  The paperback version will be available on Amazon in July.

When young Maggie Thornsby sails off with debonair cult-leader Thaddeus Belmont, his deranged ex-mistress sets out after them.  The desperate chase starts out in the backwater islands of British Columbia, Canada and moves quickly across the globe to Jamaica, Venezuela, Britain, Poland, and France.  As Maggie struggles to prove herself in the bustling Parisian fashion industry, she is confronted with Thaddeus’s mysterious disappearance, an imminent Nazi invasion, and the constant threat of attack by her murderous rival.



My, Beyond the Line trilogy, is set in sixteenth-century Jamaica.  The first book, Henry Morgan, follows the extraordinary exploits of the infamous buccaneer leader and will be available by late 2017


The second book, Queen of the Windward Maroons, and the third, The Second Maroon War, should be completed in 2018.




Desperate Hearts is a romantic comedy about a group of dating club rejects who find hope when a suicidal ex-CIA agent discovers their files in a trash can (still in the planning stage).


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