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When Maggie Thornsby sails off with debonair cult leader Thaddeus Belmont, his deranged ex-mistress sets out after them.  The desperate chase starts out in the backwater islands of British Columbia, Canada and moves quickly across the globe to Jamaica, Venezuela, Britain, Poland, and France.  As Maggie struggles to prove herself in the bustling Parisian fashion community, she’s confronted with Thaddeus’s mysterious disappearance, an imminent Nazi invasion, and the constant threat of attack by her murderous rival.


Goodreads Review: “What a story. When I started I nearly scrubbed it but decided to read a little more. Then I had trouble putting it down. An excellent story, so many twists and turns. Excellent reading.”
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The first book of my BEYOND THE LINE trilogy follows the extraordinary exploits of the infamous seventeenth-century privateer leader, Henry Morgan, from his young-adulthood in Wales to his death in Jamaica.  The ebook will be available in early 2018.

Whereas pirates were known to attack any ship or town they happened upon—privateers were legally commissioned by their respective governments to attack and plunder only their nation’s enemies.  This allowed European monarchs a ready-made auxiliary navy; and when buccaneers were aboard, a fearsome land assault force—neither of which they had to fund.  If a ship and crew were lost, it was neither their fault nor their responsibility.  They didn’t have to contract shipbuilders, draw war plans, or pay anyone.  On the contrary, they usually took a fifth share of the spoils.  As Sir Francis Drake had done seventy years before him, Henry Morgan unleashed an unrelenting campaign of terror against Spanish colonies in the New World—and became wealthy beyond his dreams in the process.

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